Lab Members

Frodo Baggins-Ospina

PhD in Quantic Cuteness

Frodo is the newest member of DMETRE Lab. He specializes in cuteness, biting, chewing and nipping other lab members' hands. Frodo was born in Barrhead, Alberta; he is a handsome and "woof" boy.

Simran Brar

MSc Graduate Student (Queen's University)

Simran is currently completing a Masters in Public Health Sciences (specializing in Epidemiology) at Queen’s University. She previously completed her Honour Bachelor of Science with a major in Life Sciences and a major in Psychology from the University of Ottawa. Simran’s previous work has been with child development through working with children with autism, conducting a study with children and parents, and working in a childhood development lab. Currently, her research is focused on mental health and cultural connectedness of Métis children. As a member of the DMETRE Lab, Simran is enthusiastic to learn different research methodologies and data analysis approaches.

Alec Brandwood

MSc Graduate Student (Queen's University)

Alec is currently completing a Master's in Public Health Sciences (specializing in Epidemiology) at Queen’s University. He holds an Honours Bachelor of Health Studies from Western University and participated in an exchange program at Korea University in Seoul. Alec has previous research experience at various research institutes, focusing on topics such as dementia care clinical practice guidelines, emerging technologies for caregivers of persons living with dementia, and the mental health of current members and veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces. Currently, his research is focused on the spatial distribution of emergency health service utilization among pregnant and postpartum women in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta. As a member of the DMETRE Lab, Alec is excited to apply his epidemiologic training to learn and develop skills in maternal health research and spatial analysis.

Jesus Serrano-Lomelin, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Jesus Serrano-Lomelin has a PhD. in epidemiology from the School of Public Health, University of Alberta (2017). Previous academic background includes: BSc in Biology, Data Base Manager (ORACLE) certification, Master in Data Mining and Statistical learning, and Specialization in Applied Statistics. The doctoral thesis was about the effects of hazardous industrial mixtures, emitted into the air by industrial facilities, on adverse birth outcomes. Currently, I am working as a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Maria Ospina in the areas of women and children health and social determinants of health. I am interested in the application of modern/novel statistical, spatial, and data mining methods in epidemiology, and in environmental and biological sciences.

Angel Zhou

Research Assistant

Angel is currently completing her Master of Science in Public Health Sciences (specializing in Epidemiology) at Queen’s University. Prior to this, Angel was a Research Coordinator in the Oncology Clinical Trials department at Kingston General Hospital, where she conducted phase III/Iv studies in various cancer disease sites. Her 6+ years of experience in this role ultimately inspired her to pursue higher education in the field of epidemiology. Angel’s research interest centers around cancer epidemiology; mainly, investigating the role of drug policy, population equity, and economic barriers in gynecological cancer prevention and treatment. Through her RA-ship with DMETRE, Angel is extremely excited to apply the analytical skills from her recent studies and learn new epidemiological methodologies.

Aleisha Fernandes, MSc

PhD Student (Queen's University)

Aleisha is currently completing a PhD in Public Health Sciences (specializing in Epidemiology) at Queen’s University. She recently completed her MSc in Public Health Sciences (specializing in Epidemiology) from Queen’s University and Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (Public Health and Data Concentration) with a minor in Kinesiology and Health Ethics from Simon Fraser University. She has an interest in early child development and reproductive epidemiology and its intersection with the social determinants of health and spatial epidemiology

Kanzy Elmaghraby

Undergraduate Student - Health Sciences (McMaster University)

Kanzy is currently completing a bachelor's degree in Health Sciences at McMaster University. Kanzy has volunteered alongside patients at Providence Care and has experience working and teaching ESL to newcomers. After her first semester of studies, Kanzy developed a keen interest in the interdisciplinary nature of health and wellbeing. She will be working alongside Aleisha to explore the relationship between the social determinants of health and the long-term health outcomes of mothers and infants. As a member of the DMETRE Lab, Kanzy is eager to gain field experience, develop a foundation in research methodologies, and learn more about public health.

Jamie Tan

Undergraduate Student - Health Sciences (Queen's University)

Jamie is a second year undergraduate student at Queen’s University. She is currently working towards her degree in the Bachelor of Health Sciences. As a member of the DMETRE Lab, Jamie is looking forward to being able to enrich her knowledge in the fields of maternal and perinatal health in addition to being able to contribute her skills to research studies conducted in the DMETRE Lab.

Mansi More

Undergraduate Student (University of Alberta)

Mansi is a second year undergraduate student at the University of Alberta. She is currently obtaining her degree in Bachelors of Science, majoring in Biological Science and minoring in Psychology. As a recipient of the AP Capstone Research Diploma, Mansi studied how the use of positive body language affects the cognitive skill set of working memory of adolescents in high school. As a member of the DMETRE Lab, Mansi is excited to explore the research field of epidemiology and she is keen about using her previous research experience to assist in research studies conducted in the DMETRE Lab

Ruben Ohanian

Undergraduate Student - Health Sciences (Queen's University)

Ruben is a second-year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Health Sciences at Queen's University. With a strong passion for epidemiology and population health, Ruben is excited to join a collaborative team where he can apply his knowledge and skills. As a member of the DMETRE Lab, Ruben is eager to learn more about the research process and play a role in creating innovative approaches to pressing health challenges.

Past Trainees

Omolara Sanni

Postdoctoral Fellow (2018 – 2020)

Britt Voaklander

MSc Epidemiology (2017-2020)

Sana Amjad

MSc Global Health (2017-2019)

Rachel Livergant

Undergraduate Medical Student (2020)

Natalie Czuczman

Undergraduate Medical Student (2020)

Vidhi Desai

Undergraduate Medical Student (2019)

Safia Marani

Undergraduate Medical Student (2019)

Jason (Jia) Li

Undergraduate Summer Student (2018)

Isaiah MacDonald

Undergraduate Medical Student (2017)

Zahra Karkhaneh

Undergraduate Summer Student (2017)

Stewart Rowe

Undergraduate Summer Student (2017)

Linn Moore

Postdoctoral Fellow (2020 - 2022

Stuart Lau

MSc Medical Sciences (Obstetrics & Gynecology) (2020 - 2022)

Sarah Almas

Undergraduate Medical Student (2021)

Courtney Tromburg

Undergraduate Medical Student (2021)

Tona Pitt

PhD Medical Sciences (2022)

Sana Amjad

PhD Medical Sciences (2022)

Ashton James

MSc Epidemiology (2020 - 2023)

Maryam Adesunkanmi

MSc Medical Sciences (2021 - 2023)

Jamie Tan

Undergraduate Student (2023)

Mansi More

Undergraduate student (2021-2022)


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